Mining & Delivery

Manganese is a black, brittle element used as an alloying agent, specifically in the production of steel and cast iron. It is also used as an alloy of Aluminium and Copper.

Manganese primarily finds use in the manufacture of steel. It also finds use in the manufacture of micronutrients found in fertilisers, fungicides and animal feed; as a depolarizer in the dry cell battery industry; as a chemical for water treatment and as a colorant for bricks and ceramics.

In the steel industry, manganese is used as an essential alloy element and as a deoxidising and desulpharizing agent.

Manganese has no substitutes for its properties and it can be used in the form of Ferro Manganese, Silico Manganese, Metallic Manganese and directly
as manganese ore.


Manganese is found in specific pockets of the globe in abundance, mainly in the form of oxides.

These manganese ore deposits are found as nodes on the sea bed and few key land areas. Currently only the land area resources are being exploited.

Shiloh Manganese taps into the manganese ore reserves from Ivory Coast which are rated as rich with manganese content over 38%.

While regional neighbours Gabon and Ghana are among the world’s top manganese producing countries, Ivory Coast has for decades ignored its mining potential in favour of Coca, Coffee and Rubber that make up its export earnings. The current leadership, in a bid to diversify the economy, is keen on mining the rich manganese deposits of Ivory Coast.

The key factors that were construed as a challenges to any mining operation in the Ivory Coast were:

• Transportation and logistics
• Resource Nationalism & Beneficiation
• Power and electricity
• Labour issues
• Access to capital investment

Shiloh Minerals took upon itself to overcome these challenges and it was ably supported by the local Government and leadership, which enabled its part of the facilitation, efficiently and effectively.

Environment-Friendly Mining

Shiloh Manganese employs highly mechanised open-pit operations using a combination of traditional and modern mining methods, ensuring that the eco-balance and environment of the mining area is maintained.

Depending on the overall content of manganese ore, Shiloh Manganese uses crushing, screening and washing for extraction and applies highly mechanised sink float, jigging, tabling and flotation operations.

Nodulizing, Sintering and Pelietzing methods are also used to consolidate the ore.

Shiloh Manganese ensures that the mining process is location, people and environment friendly. State-of-the-art CAT Generators, Excavators, Trommel Screeners, Jaw and Cone crushers are employed to get the best of the manganese ore for exports, without disrupting the environment.


Shiloh Manganese works with the local government and complies with international specification for manganese exports.

In the past, much of what was mined was aimed at meeting the export targets assigned by the Government of Ivory Coast. Today, Shiloh Manganese is ready to meet the import requirements of buyers from China, India and Europe.

With excellent port facilities from Abidjan and high-end logistics management through partner companies, Shiloh Manganese is geared to meet importers’ needs for the next 25 years.