Corporate Social Responsibility

Ivory Coast is the global leader in exporting Cocoa and is fast exploring its potential as a manganese exporter.

When Shiloh Manganese decided to foray into Ivory Coast, the first thing that hit the leadership’s eye was the local people with their boundless energy and enthusiasm to take up opportunities that could change their lives – they really wanted to break free from the cocoon they’ve spun around themselves over the decades.

There were enough mineable resources which could change their lives, but that needed huge investments and not many players were willing to explore, invest and mine its shores.

Shiloh Manganese, ably supported by the Government of Ivory Coast, decided to invest in the land, not only as a viable business venture, but also as a way improving the lot of her people.

Since 2013, Shiloh Manganese has invested heavily in infrastructure of the mining site at Laniokaha.

The mining site has new roads and a bridge for better access, to-and-from the mining site, for the locals. Land settlements were executed with the Agricultural Department to the satisfaction of the local population.

In turn the villagers have welcomed Shiloh Manganese and appreciated the efforts taken to open new opportunities for the people of Laniokaha and its neighbouring villages.

Currently 250 people are employed, directly or indirectly by Shiloh Manganese – a number that is growing by the day.

This vision to remain inclusive of the local population started much before Shiloh Manganese was declared officially open for business. The management invited and interacted with the local leaders to get a thorough understanding of the land, her people and their challenge areas. They were clear that while a thorough understanding of market potential and challenges must be analyzed to drive critical business pain points to success, equally important were the personal outreach programs.

Shiloh Manganese understands that people should have the satisfaction that their families, education of their children and their healthcare needs are being addressed in a timely manner.

As part of its Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) program, Shiloh Manganese provides good potable water, is enabling electricity in phases, supports the educational needs of the local children in all facets and offers periodic health camps to people in and around the mining site.

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Our Philosophy for Growth

At Shiloh Manganese, we understand that its not the cocoon thats binds down….its the inability of the caterpillar to look beyond what’s holding it back. When it decides to push away from that state of being a caterpillar, it is ready to fly even if it means a few bumps here and there.… In effect a caterpillar must refuse its status and learn to fly and break free from its cocoon.

Shiloh Manganese is committed to improving Ivory Coast’s position as a leading exporter of manganese and in the process, provide the impetus and support for the deserving and aspiring people of Ivory Coast to break free from their cocoons.