About Us

Shiloh Manganese is a group enterprise of Shiloh Minerals with business interests spanning across Southern and Western Africa.

Our operations at Ivory Coast started in the year 2013 with an Exploration Permit.

After two years of meticulous geological surveys carried out over 220 sq km of manganese bodies in Laniokaha, Dassoumble, Lopin and Sonavago, Shiloh Manganese identified large tracts of medium and high quality manganese ore, with a proven deposit of 10 million metric tons.

In the year 2015, a Mining Permit was granted to Shiloh Manganese to commence field work, leading to production in 2017.


Shiloh Manganese prides in itself as a customer-driven organisation with experienced mining professionals managing its operations across the various layers of the enterprise.

Equally important are our employees and Shiloh Manganese is the place where employees are encouraged to find their niche, hone their skills and aspire to reach their milestones – both professionally and personally.

An open-door culture is maintained by the leadership at Shiloh Manganese, where everyone is recognised and respected for their hands-on contributions, ideas and opinions.

Pushing the Horizon

While most organisations work around a mission and vision statement, at Shiloh Manganese, we’ve thrived on moving the goal post every time we’ve reached it. Our growth policies and philosophy of enriched living have helped us redefine our work culture to accommodate individual aspirations, and to offer better assimilation for new entrants.

Currently, Shiloh Manganese at Ivory Coast is 250 member strong, with new resources joining the team, as and when new pits are explored.

Key and experienced mining professionals of our team are truly global – Most of them come with a trans-national mining experience with substantial experience in mining, metallurgy and engineering.

The organization offers plenty of opportunities to locals across the different levels of operations. They are enabled and empowered to understand the workflow processes. Being part of the day-to-day operations helps them appreciate the fact that we are compliant with the local environmental stipulations.

With an expanding scale of infrastructure investments, skills, manpower and adherence to global regulatory compliances, Shiloh Manganese is equipped to address the import requirements of large global enterprises.

The current production stands at 300,000 tonnes of manganese per annum at the new project in the Karhogo region. With plans to open new pits, production is projected as 500,000 tonnes by 2020 – And this output is from just 5% of the mining area allocated to Shiloh Manganese.

The remaining 95% of the area is yet to go live on production, assuring us an optimum and consistent manganese output for about 35 years into the future.

Shiloh Manganese projects manganese output, for the next 3 years as follows:

Fin YearEstimated output
(In Tonnes)
2019 -20500,000

Our growth horizon is redrawn everyday, because we remain committed to both our customer needs and our people’s needs, and in turn their growth – EVERY DAY.

The Future

Shiloh Manganese is proud to be working with the Ivory Coast government to help diversify its economy from being predominantly agrarian to become a mining leader. We are committed to this relationship and our investments will be in tune to bring this goal to fruition, matching the strength of the regional neighbours Gabon and Ghana.

We’ll make positive contributions to Ivory Coast’s efforts to become one among the world’s top manganese producing countries.